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Project Management for Construction

Successful business organizations all have a set of core competencies – delivering the products or services that make them profitable. Construction and Capital project management is rarely one of these core competencies.

Too often when a company elects to take on a major project, a staff member with some relevant technical experience but who otherwise has a “day job” is assigned responsibility to manage that project. This consistently results in projects that are behind schedule, over-budget, and frequently don’t meet the specified project objectives. Even when an organization has an established facility management organization, rarely do they have the in-house expertise to successfully monitor and manage facility related capital and construction projects.

When data-driven business decisions dictate the need for construction of a few facility, a tenant improvement project, or a major capital equipment project, Facilities as a Business requires dedicated technical resources to ensure project success.

Facilities Consulting NW has a demonstrated track record of successfully delivering projects that meet all operational objectives on-time and in-budget. Using the experiences gained from managing over $200 million in projects ranging from small office renovations to new manufacturing facilities costing over $40 million, Facilities Consulting NW is the technical resource to ensure client partner facility projects directly benefit the bottom line.

Project Management solutions

Facilities Consulting NW partners with client internal customers, consulting architects and engineers, and general contractors to ensure project objectives and stakeholder interests are defined and delivered while identifying cost-saving opportunities.

Construction and Capital Project Management Services include:

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