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Successful corporations routinely look at business processes with a focus on continuous improvement, data-based decision making, and performance verification, yet Facility Operations are typically viewed as an operating expense that negatively impacts the bottom line. In reality, Facility operations and maintenance is much more than a cost-center and a service provider. When Facilities functions are managed as a business, they can directly improve productivity and profitability.

Facilities as a Business requires a Culture of Professionalism, communicates the benefits of Facilities Services and Operations, and directly contributes to overall profitability.

Facilities Consulting NW has a proven track record helping corporate partners develop and manage their Facilities as a Business by providing Facilities leadership mentoring and staff training in continuous improvement, data-based decision making, performance measurement/verification/accountability, root-cause analysis, and customer service improvement. Facilities Consulting NW partners with executives and facility managers to establish comprehensive facilities management programs, facility operational budgets, and long-term capital replacement plans.

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When Facilities functions are managed as a business, they can directly improve productivity and profitability.

Facility Management as a business is

  • Data Driven
  • Focused on Continuous Improvement
  • Value added services that promote efficiency and productivity

Facilities Management Technical Solutions include:

  • Life-cycle analysis and facilities condition assessment
  • Facility space utilization and staff benchmarking
  • Facilities, Equipment Maintenance, and Custodial staffing plans and operational budgets
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development and reporting
  • Strategic facility master planning
  • Capital replacement strategy and budget development
  • Creation and optimization of preventative maintenance and calibration programs
  • Contracted service provider selection and contract negotiations
  • MRO supplier selection and procurement cost-management support
  • Environmental Health and Safety program development
  • Corporate Security, Risk Management, and Emergency Response Program development
  • Business Continuity Planning

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