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Sustainability for Organizations

Sustainability for organizations is more important today in this age of accountability than it has ever been. Customers, stakeholders, and employees are demanding companies take an active role in protecting our planet. Businesses are judged not only on the quality of good and services it produces but also on the care it shows people and the environment. These responsibilities are both ethical and legal but must also achieve a balance between the social, environmental, and economic aspects – the Triple Bottom Line.

While a significant portion of any operating budget is tied directly to overall utility consumption and energy management, Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship programs are so much more. Corporate sustainability goals also need to consider waste production, workplace environmental quality, supply chain, material and resource uses, site impacts, and human resources. These aspects of sustainability are all directly tied to managing Facilities as a Business.

Sustainability solutions

Facilities Consulting NW specializes in helping client partners develop comprehensive sustainability programs with a focus on cost-effective  implementation and long-term impacts.

Sustainability Solutions include:

  • Corporate Program Development – Sustainable initiative measurement and reporting, staff training and communications, certification and accreditation awards
  • Utility Demand Energy Management – Energy audits, utility bill analysis and rate optimization, operational changes, facility upgrades, retro-commissioning, and physical plant optimization
  • EnergyStar Benchmarking and reporting
  • Waste-Stream Management – Zero waste initiatives, recycling programs, waste vendor management, manufacturing scrap reduction, and informed procurement policies
  • Sustainable Real Estate – “Green Leasing”, space optimization and facility usage, workplace environmental quality improvements
  • Material and Resource Uses – Sustainable procurement, “green-cleaning” programs, manufacturing and facility operations hazardous chemical reduction
Government agencies are increasingly adopting regulatory requirements to meet local Climate Action Plan goals. Seattle and Portland ordinances specifically mandate all commercial building owners benchmark and report building energy performance. Seattle also requires building owners “tune-up” their facilities to optimize energy and water usage performance. Facilities Consulting NW is an accredited service provider helping building owners comply with Portland and Seattle municipal code requirements for Benchmarking and Building Tune-Up.
Seattle and Portland Professional Services Include:
  • Accredited Benchmarking Service Provider
  • Qualified Seattle Building Tune-Up Specialist

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